The Core of UPT

Our Values

UPT is a company of Character. Family owned and family operated, UPT will act with integrity and honesty as we strive to meet the demands of an always changing industry and proactively communicate to answer any need of both our internal and external customers.

Our Vision

To be known by our customers, the motoring public, and our associates as the most elite, safety-focused transportation solutions provider in our industry. We will achieve this by strictly adhering to our core values and the five tenants of our mission statement.

Our Mission


Our Number One Goal is for each of our professional drivers, technicians, and administrative support team members to have a safe day, every day. Dedication to personal safety in all we do will result in our ultimate success.


'Seamless Delivery...every time' is not just a tagline, but a way of life - the UPT approach to customer service. We outshine our competition because of the care, focus, and determination we place on building lasting relationships with both internal and external customers.


The vision and culture created by our founder, Keith Price, in 1966 continues to define UPT today. Investing in our people, facilities, equipment, and technology, UPT is committed to being unique, different, and an employer of and carrier of choice.


Hazardous materials, if handled incorrectly, can have a negative impact on our environment. It is our responsibility to be vigilant in our execution and good stewards of our environment in all we do.


We will all enjoy financial success by virtue of our relentless daily pursuit of Safety, Customer Service, our UPT Culture, and a clean impact-free environment.